Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Towne Club Merry Mingle

Salemtowne Retirement Community hosted a Merry Mingle event for Towne Club members yesterday. As with all Towne Club events, it was well-planned and had all the friendly marketing staff available to answer questions. Towne Club members got to socialize with each other and learn about their potential future neighbors. 

I visited 10 CCRCs around central North Carolina, some more than once, before settling on Salemtowne as my final choice. Of all the CCRCs I visited, Salemtowne's residents were the friendliest and most down-to-earth. The staff is always super friendly and helpful, and their behavior appears real, not just because they are required to behave that way. The staff and residents make you feel at home and they seem like people you want to know. Salemtowne’s Moravian inspired architecture is timeless always warm and inviting, especially during the Christmas season. I’m a Scrooge and even I felt Christmassy.