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The following topics and articles guide you through learning about Continuing Care Retirement Communities: what they are, how they operate, how to find them, how to visit them, what to look and questions to ask during visits, how contract plans compare, and how to select a CCRC for your new home.


About CCRC Guide. What's it about?

Disclaimers. Before we start, here are some disclaimers

Sources. References used during research for the site.

Thinking about retirement?

Retirement. What is it?

Types of retirement living. Some of your choices for living in retirement.

Retirement living options. If you planned for retirement, you have more options.

Healthcare. Levels of health care you may encounter during your lifetime.

What about a CCRC?

What is a CCRC? What is it and what does it provide you.

Another option. Another option that is available instead of a CCRC or in conjunction with a CCRC.

The good! Some good things about living in a CCRC.

The bad! Some bad things about living in a CCRC.

The ugly! Some really bad things about living in a CCRC.

Little secrets. Some things that CCRCs don't want you to know about.

Issues. Some issues CCRCs must face.

Who is living in CCRCs? It's just a lot of old people. Right?

New trends in the CCRC industry. The times they are a-changing.

Are you still interested?

Still interested? I'm still interested; tell me more.

Why move to a CCRC now? When you are old, you can't procrastinate.

Why not just stay where I am? Why can't I just stay in my home?

Unsolicited advice. Everybody has an opinion on you considering a CCRC.

Can I afford it? Yes, you can; but only if you have prepared for it.

Catch FIRE. Become financially independent, retire early, and move to a CCRC while you can still enjoy it.

Time to visit some CCRCs

Finding CCRCs. How to find CCRCs in a chosen location.

Touring CCRCs. Spend a few hours at each one to get a feel of life there.

Tour questions to ask. There are so many.

Some serious considerations

Best time to move. Move while you can still enjoy it.

Disclosure statement. The second most important document.

Contract. The most important document.

Let's talk money

Residence application and fee. This gets things started.

Reservation agreement and fee. Time to put out some bucks.

Entrance fee. It's the BIG bone.

Monthly service fee. It can be large, and it WILL get larger each year.

Entrance fee refund. It's possible.

Tax deductions. Uncle Sam give you a little break in taxes

Is a CCRC right for you?

Off-campus residency programs. What are they and are they worth the extra money.

Go for it! I'm going to do this. What's next?

Time to move

Moving. Time to leave the past and face the future.

Home again. Home is where the heart is.

Adjusting to life in a CCRC. It's not difficult.

Why didn't I do this sooner!

Time to relax. This is the life I deserve.

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